Blue Ridge Assembly Post Card Collection

Post cards have been organized by publisher, catalog number, variation, then duplicates (used or postmarked of the same variation). Post card folders are included between the Blue Ridge cards and X01. All images in the Folder have been scanned. Folders include those with and without Blue Ridge images. Because cards are organized by publisher and catalog number, you will find older and newer cards mixed together.


The numbering format is used on Blue Ridge post cards: apcn123a01-f or –r

apc = publisher (see list below)

n123 = publisher’s card number (printed on the front or back)

        When a card has no publisher’s number and no other identifier printed on the card, then 000a is used. Subsequent cards from the same publisher without numbers will use 000b, 000c, etc.

        When a card has no publisher’s number but does have a Curt Tiech number, then the publisher and CT number is used

        When the publisher used the same number twice (it happens), then the number is used followed by “-CT number-” (or other identifier) to create a unique ID

        Folders are labeled using the publisher then “xf000” (000=a number).

        SPC changed the location of the “b” number. Cards with the “b” number on the back are numbered “0b…” (zero in front of the b). Cards with the “b” number on the front are numbered “b” (no zero).

       When a publisher uses fractional numbers  as part of the card number (i.e.: card number APC 41 1/2), then the fractional number will be within a dash (i.e.: X19-APC00041-12-a01)

a = card variations of the same publisher and same number.

        If there are differences (roof colors, captions, backs, stamp boxes, etc.) between card printings then a, b, c, d, etc. is used to indicate a slight difference in the same card. For more on variations, click here.

01 = number of card

       Every used or postmarked card is scanned along with an unused card of that number/variation (if I have one). Identical cards (same publisher, same number, and same variation) will be numbered 01, 02, 03, etc.

-f or –r = front or reverse (back) of the card

 (Numbering system for X01 is based on the year of the conference)


If a card number is crossed-out and another number written in, it means the card was re-numbered. The crossed-out number was the original number used in the collection and the other number is the new (current) card number for the collection. Cards are re-numbered when duplicate publisher card numbers are discovered (for the same publisher) and an addition unique identifier (such as the CT or other number) needs to be added to create a unique number. When duplicates are found, all cards with that publisher and number are re-numbered. Cards are also re-numbered to correct mistakes, when a numbering format changes, or for other reasons.


Extra Collections (see below), start with x01, x02, x03, etc. The cards are labeled either with a brief description of the subject (in the case of non-cards) or follow the same basic format as above.



AG = A. Gibian, Montgomery AL*

APC = Asheville Post Card Company (aka Asheville Post Card and Pennant Co) (includes “Published by” and “Published For”)

APS = Aerial Photography Services

ART = Artvue Post Cards Company, New York NY*

ASC = Advertising Specialties Company

BB = Brown & Bigelow, Div. of Standard Packaging Corp.*

BBC = Brown Book Company

BPC = Bluefield Post Card Co, Salem VA*

CCC = Carolina Card Company

CK = Color King Natural Color Card (WM Cline Company)

DNS = Deuel News Company, Asheville NC

DIXIENEWS = Dixie News Company, Charlotte NC

DIXIENOV = Dixie Novelty Company, Asheville NC

DPC = Detroit Photographic Co.

ECK = E.C. Kropp Company

FPP = Fredrick Photogelatine Press, Inc., New York NY*

FSR = Fellowship Sanatorium of the Royal League*

HH = Henry Hahn, Eastman GA*

HLC = Hugh C. Leighton Co. Manufactures, Portland ME* (HLC, not HCL)

HM = Hugh Morton (Linville NC)*

HMC = Hackney and Moale Company*

HNM = Harry N Martin

HTR = H Taylor Rogers, Asheville NC*

HWP = Herbert W Pelton and SH Kross Co. (some cards are just Herbert W Pelton and some have both; when just SHK is on the card, it is labeled with SHK)

IPC = International Post Card Co., New York*

JHL = JH Law, Asheville NC*

JHS = JH Slage*

KOD = Kodak Photo Post Card (black and white, real photo post cards printed on Kodak paper)

MCE = Metrocraft Everett / Metropolitan*

PCK = The PCK Series (when no other manf / publisher on card) (printed in Germany)*

PRESB = Presbyterian Committee of Publication (these are very early Montreat cards)*

PCP = Postkarte Carte Postale (German)*

RBA = Ridgecrest Baptist Assembly*

RC = Rotograph Co., New York City*

RTS = Raphael Tuck & Sons “Art Publishers to Their Majesties The King and Queen” (H. Taylor Rogers also on the card)*

SBTTC = Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company*

SHK = SH Kross Co (when HWP not on the card)*

SLC = S&L Co (small stamp lower left on the back of the card)*

SOUTHBAPT = Southern Baptist Assembly, Ridgecrest NC (early Ridgecrest cards)*

SPC = Southern Post Card Company

SVR = Souvenir Post Card Co, New York*

TBI = Tichnor Bros, Inc., Boston MA*

TCS = Dr. TC Smith, Asheville NC*

TG = Thomas Graphics*

TIC = Tichnor Quality Views*

TJM = TJ Mattox Cigar & Tobacco Co., Montgomery AL*

UNK = Unknown or Unmarked Publisher (includes real photo cards without publishers and unmarked cards)

USPS = USPS: United States Postal Service (pre-stamped postal cards)*

VSP = Valentine and Sons Publishers, New York and Boston*

WOODARDS = Woodard’s of Black Mountain NC

ZIB  = Zibart Bros., Nashville TN*


(HWP and SPC are some of the oldest Blue Ridge cards.)


*=cards only in the Extra Collections


Colourpicture Publications, Boston MA

Colourpicture Publications  printed cards for other publishers. When printed for other publishers (i.e.: APC, HM), the card is listed under that publisher. Interesting that APS has “Pub For Asheville Post Card Co….” (note FOR, not BY) on the back. These cards will have  this printed on the left side of the back:

A “Colourpicture” Publication


Colourpicture Publishers, Inc.



Curt Teich

Curt Teich Post Cards printed cards under various publishers. Some of their cards are under APC, BBB, and SPC. Most, but not all, Curt Teich cards will have a CT number (usually, but not always starting with a A– or R– ) in addition to the publisher’s number. Most, but not all, of their cards will have one of the following in the center of the back:

CommercialChrome (may not have a CT number or other indications of being a Curt Teich card)

CT American Art Colored

CT Art Colortone

CT Art-Colortone

CT Art-Colortone Deluxe

CT Photochrome

CT American Art

Curt Teich (may be on the back or front)


No cards are labeled as “Curt Teich” but the Collection Index list will indicate the CT markings (above) in the “Other Credits” column and the CT number (if it has one) in the “Other Number” column. 

For a more information on Curt Teich Cards, click here.


Famous Valentine and Sons

Famous Valentine and Sons printed cards under their name and for other publishers. When printed for other publishers (i.e.: SHK), the card is listed under that publisher. These cards will have the “Famous V & Sons” double world logo top of the back of the card. Card numbers may be very hard to find on the front.


HC Leighton Co, Portland ME

HC Leighton Co.  printed cards under their name and for other publishers. When printed for other publishers (i.e.: HMC), the card is listed under that publisher. When they were the publisher, HLC is used. These cards will have  this printed on the left side of the back:

H.C. Leighton Co. Manufactures

Hugh C. Leighton Co.


HS Crocker Co, Inc,

HS Crocker Co. printed cards for other publishers (i.e.: APC). These cards will have one of the following in the center of the back:

Mirro-Krome by H.S. Crocker Co, Inc.

Mirro-Krome ® card by HS Crocker Co, Inc. Oklahoma City, Okla. 73119

Micro-Krome ® by HS Crocker Co, Inc.


Metrocraft Everett / Metropolitan

Metrocraft printed cards under their name and for other publishers. When printed for other publishers (i.e.: Asheville Post Card Company), the card is listed under that publisher. When they were the publisher, MCE is used. These cards will have this in the center of the back:

Metrocraft Everett Mass


Other Blue Ridge Memorabilia (Extra Collections):

In addition to post cards, I collect other historical items related to Blue Ridge. Like post cards, these items offer a unique view of Blue Ridge. Besides post cards, my collection includes:


X1 = Southern Student Conference post cards from 1907 and 1908 held around Asheville NC (not held at Blue Ridge) (also includes cards with the same image, but without conference announcement), Southwestern Student Conference post cards, and YMCA Graduate School in Nashville, TN

X2 = post cards postmarked Blue Ridge NC, but not of Blue Ridge

X3 = “Picturesque Blue Ridge” 1925 and 1926 (promotional booklets)

X4 = Southern Student Conference, Black Mountain NC June 17-26, 1913 (booklet, 4 1/2”x7”)

X5 = Clemson College, YMCA Student Handbooks: 1922-23 & 1929-30 (pocket size books, 3”x5”, only pages mentioning Blue Ridge are scanned; the 1929-30 handbook contains more information)

X6 = miscellaneous Blue Ridge items (old letter head, nametag, playing cards, china)

X7 = Lou Brown scrapbook / diary of woman’s college conference held at Blue Ridge June 7-17, 1927 (she was delegate from Lynchburg College)

X8 = “Helping Win the War at Home and Overseas” 1918 (training schools for the YMCA War Work Secretaries, 16” x 11”, folded; side 1 is in quarters, side 2 is a large aerial view of Blue Ridge)

X9 = Two promotional booklets for Lee School for Boys held at Blue Ridge: “A Message to the Mothers and Fathers of the Men of Tomorrow” -  Lee School for Boys (9”x6”) and “Introducing Lee School for Boys, Blue Ridge NC” (7 3/4”x10 1/2”) (neither booklet is dated)

X10 = Letter written to Cornelia McCram (sp?) from Corlsie (no last name, sp?) (postmarked Blue Ridge NC Aug 16, 1927, written using Blue Ridge envelope and stationary, handwriting very hard to read)

X11 = Barbara Carlton collection of summer 1961 papers: essay award letter, 1961 Staff Photo with signatures on back and list of staff members, August 25, 1961 “Ridge Runner” staff publication (includes excerpt of her essay), two pages from photo album (11”x14”)

X12 = YMCA Graduate School Bulletin, Vol 6 No 1, January 1936 (fold-out flyer)

X13 = Blue Ridge Bulletin, Vol 1 No 1, January 1937 and Vol 1 No 4, November 1937

X14 = Group Photos of conferences held at Blue Ridge Assembly

X15 = Letter written to Thomas B Scott Jr from Carrie T (no last name) (postmarked Black Mountain NC June 27, 1923, written using Blue Ridge envelope and stationary)

X16 = “Photo-Era” Magazine, February 1917 Volume XXXVIII Number 2, article “A Camera-Trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains” by SA Weakley. Photos and article of Blue Ridge and surrounding area with photo tips.

X17 = 35mm slide collection of Blue Ridge (6 different sets)

X18= Blue Ridge Association for Christian Conference and Training—Summary Statement 1926

X19 = Post cards of Black Mountain NC and surrounding areas including: Montreat, Ridgecrest, Round Knob / Andrew’s Geyser, Mt. Mitchell, Swannanoa, Lake Eden, Christmount, Western North Carolina (local not specified on some cards), and roadway / mountain scenes (but not of Blue Ridge or postmarked Blue Ridge NC) and select Curt Teich Post Cards

X20 = Post Cards of other Conference Locations and Centers (not in/around Black Mountain), YMCAs, and YMCAs

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