Gate House / Entrance:

The entrance, on the very bottom of the mountain, is the very first thing guests experience. The covered gate was removed many years ago.

Gate: apc250

Sign: apscp3352, apc831591


“Up Road” and Roadways

Passing the entrance, the winding “up road” leads guests to the main part of the Assembly. The roadways, once dirt and gravel, have been paved and rebuilt over time. In the very beginning, the “up road” only lead to Lee Hall. Roads now lead to Lee Hall (now Eureka Hall), Blue Ridge Center, and other locations.

“Up Road” and Roadways: hwpr39264, apc460, spc0b599, unk025

Approaching Lee Hall from the “Up Road”: hwp011, hwpa35956, bbcb274, spc0b274-a37903, hwpr39262, apc003, spc0b474, apckbm02, apc561339, apc131543

Looking from Lee Hall toward the “Up Road”: bbcb268, hwpa35957, hwpr39260, spc0b410, apc457

Roadway in front of Lee Hall (the Circle is listed separate): apc005

Roadway in front of BRC: apc131544, apckbm23


Washburn Center

Built in 1987, Washburn has a large meeting room/auditorium, craft center, and child care center.

Outside: asc000


Asheville Hall:

Built in 1926 and renovated in the 1990’s (interior only).

Outside: ck018235


Warner Memorial Pool

Built in 1966, Warner Memorial Pool replaced the pool next to Lee Hall.

Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, shows Warner Memorial Pool (photo): ck150971

Warner Memorial Pool (photo): apckbm16


Ware Pavilion / Harry H Brace Indoor Challenge Course

The Pavilion was built in 1965. It was enclosed in 2001.



Completed in 1915, the Gym was built with a basketball court upstairs. The downstairs was the male staff dorm (before Younts Hall was built). After Younts was built, the bottom served many purposes including being a weight room and storage area. The Lake / Pool was located between Lee Hall and the Gym. More images of the Gym are included in that section.

View from Lee Hall: apc457


Tent Area (beside Lee Hall):

In the very early days of Blue Ridge, tents were used as overflow when Lee Hall was full. Tents have not been used in a very, very long time.

Approaching Lee Hall, before Tents: hwp011, hwpa35956

Approaching Lee Hall with Tents: apc003

Tent Colony: spc0b410, hwpr39260

Swimming Pool and Tents (when the Pool was in front of the Gym): spc0b476


Lake / Pool (between Lee Hall and the Gym):

The original pool was a “lake” feed by a mountain stream. It was located next to the Lee Hall in front of the Gym. Through the years this area was developed from a lake area to a pool with concrete sides. On some post cards this area is called a lake on others it is called a pool. Warner Memorial Pool, which replaced the pool next to Lee Hall, was built in 1966. Laurel Lake (bottom of the mountain) is listed separate.

Very early post cards with just trees beside Lee Hall (various cards): bbcb274, hwp011, hwpa35956, hwpr39262, spc0b274-a37903, apc003

Looking from Lee Hall with just trees: hwpa35957

Approaching Lee Hall with notice developed area and diving board next to the road: spc0b474

Pool and Tents next to Lee Hall: spc0b476

Pool next to Lee Hall with people standing around (various cards): eck55, spc0b600, apc279, spc0b475

Pool next to Lee Hall with people swimming (various cards): apc004, spc0b274-r80532, spc0b237, spc0b601, woodards000, ck044823

Pool next to Lee Hall (various cards): apcn205, unk008, unk015

View from top of Lee Hall showing the pool, gym, & Abbott Hall: apc457

View from Lee Hall with pool in background: kod013

Aerial View of Blue Ridge Association, shows pool in front of the Gym: apc657, hnm139, spcb020

View of Lee Hall with  barrier and gate next to the road (various cards): apckbm02, kod016, kod022

Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, does not show anything in front of the Gym: apcbm19, apcbm07

Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, does not show anything in front of the Gym (various cards, photo): ck023277, unk002

View of Lee Hall with wooden rails next to the road (photo): apc131543, apc561339








Walk Through History page 1: Gate House /Entrance to Gym (including Tent Area and Lake/Pool between Lee Hall and the Gym)


Walk Through History page 2: Lee Hall to BRC (areas in front of Lee Hall)


Walk Through History page 3: Old Dinning Room, Martha Washington Hall (areas at the bottom of the mountain and behind Lee Hall)



Blue Ridge Assembly Post Card Collection

A Walk Through History

Through the last 100 years, Blue Ridge as seen lots of growth. Part of that growth is new buildings and part is that growth is loosing buildings. Post cards provide a pictorial history of the old and new buildings.  Take a walk through history and see how things have changed. Areas have been arranged in the order a guest would experience them while driving up. The major buildings and areas, including those no longer there and those built in modern time, Pause at each area and imagine how that area has changed over the years.


When different publishers printed the same card, each publisher is listed (but not every variation). “Various cards” in the description indicates different post cards show the same view or information. “Photo” in the description means the post card is a photo-chrome (modern post card) or a real-photo (usually black and white). The same card may be listed under multiple areas based on the image. The “Extra Collections”, not included here, contain other images of buildings and areas that may be of interest.


Follow the map of the grounds with the areas to see how things have changed:

1979 Map

2006 Map

2008 Map

2015 Map

2018 Map

Updated: 2/8/2019