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Blue Ridge History: Post Cards by Location


Through the last 100 years, Blue Ridge as seen lots of growth. Part of that growth is new buildings and part is that growth is loosing buildings. Post cards provide a pictorial history of the old and new buildings. Take a walk through history and see how things have changed. Areas have been arranged in the order a guest would experience them while driving up. The major buildings and areas, including those no longer there and those built in modern time, Pause at each area and imagine how that area has changed over the years.

When different publishers printed the same card, each publisher is listed (but not every variation). “Various cards” in the description indicates different post cards show the same view or information. “Photo” in the description means the post card is a photo-chrome (modern post card) or a real-photo (usually black and white). The same card may be listed under multiple areas based on the image. The “Extra Collections”, not included here, contain other images of buildings and areas that may be of interest.

Historical Map of the Grounds:
Old maps of Blue Rige show changes to the campus over the years. Maps are PDF files.
1950 Map
1979 Map
2006 Map
2008 Map
2015 Map
2018 Map
2021 Map

Links to the post cards below are set to open in a new window/tab.

Gate House / Entrance:
The entrance, on the very bottom of the mountain, is the very first thing guests experience. The covered gate was removed many years ago.
Gate: apc250
Sign: apscp3352, apc831591

“Up Road” and Roadways
Passing the entrance, the winding “up road” leads guests to the main part of the Assembly. The roadways, once dirt and gravel, have been paved and rebuilt over time. In the very beginning, the “up road” only lead to Lee Hall. Roads now lead to Lee Hall (now Eureka Hall), Blue Ridge Center, and other locations.
“Up Road” and Roadways: hwpr39264, apc460, spc0b599, unk025
Approaching Lee Hall from the “Up Road”: hwp011, hwpa35956, bbcb274, spc0b274-a37903, hwpr39262, apc003-9274, spc0b474, apckbm02, apc561339, apc131543
Looking from Lee Hall toward the “Up Road”: bbcb268, hwpa35957, hwpr39260, spc0b410, apc457
Roadway in front of Lee Hall (the Circle is listed separate): apc005-9271
Roadway in front of BRC: apc131544, apckbm23

Washburn Center
Built in 1987, Washburn has a large meeting room/auditorium, craft center, and child care center.
Outside: asc000

Asheville Hall:
Built in 1926 and renovated in the 1990’s (interior only).
Outside: ck018235

Warner Memorial Pool
Built in 1966, Warner Memorial Pool replaced the pool next to Lee Hall.
Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, shows Warner Memorial Pool (photo): ck150971
Warner Memorial Pool (photo): apckbm16

Ware Pavilion / Harry H Brace Indoor Challenge Course
The Pavilion was built in 1965. It was enclosed in 2001.

The original gym was completed in 1915. The first gym was a one story pavilion-like building for basketball. The new (and current) two-story Gym was built in 1925. The old gym was dismantled with the lumber being re-used to build the library building. The new gym was built in the location of the original gym. The Lake / Pool was located between Lee Hall and the Gym. More images of the Gym are included in that section.
One story-flat roof building (hard to see on right side): apc657, x03-pbr1925-10 (right side of aerial view)
One story building: x14-photos-10, x14-photos-17
Two story building, View from Lee Hall: apc457, x03-pbr1926-12

Tent Area (beside Lee Hall):
In the very early days of Blue Ridge, tents were used as overflow when Lee Hall was full. Tents have not been used in a very, very long time.
Approaching Lee Hall, before Tents: hwp011, hwpa35956
Approaching Lee Hall with Tents: apc003-9274
Tent Colony: spc0b410, hwpr39260
Swimming Pool and Tents (when the Pool was in front of the Gym): spc0b476

Lake / Pool (between Lee Hall and the Gym):
The original pool was a “lake” feed by a mountain stream. It was located next to the Lee Hall in front of the Gym. Through the years this area was developed from a lake area to a pool with concrete sides. On some post cards this area is called a lake on others it is called a pool. Warner Memorial Pool, which replaced the pool next to Lee Hall, was built in 1966. Laurel Lake (bottom of the mountain) is listed separate.
Very early post cards with just trees beside Lee Hall (various cards): bbcb274, hwp011, hwpa35956, hwpr39262, spc0b274-a37903, apc003-9274 
Looking from Lee Hall with just trees: hwpa35957
Approaching Lee Hall with notice developed area and diving board next to the road: spc0b474
Pool and Tents next to Lee Hall: spc0b476
Pool next to Lee Hall with people standing around (various cards): eck55, spc0b600, apc279, spc0b475
Pool next to Lee Hall with people swimming (various cards): apc004-9272, spc0b274-r80532, spc0b237, spc0b601, woodards000a, ck044823
Pool next to Lee Hall (various cards): apcn205, unk008, unk015
View from top of Lee Hall showing the pool, gym, & Abbott Hall: apc457
View from Lee Hall with pool in background: kod013
Aerial View of Blue Ridge Association, shows pool in front of the Gym: apc657, hnm139, spcb020
View of Lee Hall with barrier and gate next to the road (various cards): apckbm02, kod016, kod022
Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, does not show anything in front of the Gym: apcbm19, apcbm07
Aerial View of Blue Ridge Assembly, does not show anything in front of the Gym (various cards, photo): ck023277, unk002
View of Lee Hall with wooden rails next to the road (photo): apc131543, apc561339 

Lee Hall (now Eureka Hall):
Completed in 1912, Lee Hall (now Eureka Hall) is the largest and oldest building at the Assembly. Not much as changed on the outside of Lee Hall, other than the covered walk ways to College Hall and the old Dinning Room and the name plaque over the front doors. The name was changed to Eureka Hall in 2015. As part of the Vision 2020 project, the interior of Eureka Hall was renovated (still retaining much of the old charm), air conditioned, and heated. Cards featuring the porch / circle drive, views, and lobby are in their own sections. Lee Hall is also in many cards featuring the Lake / Pool.
From the right side (approaching from the “up road”): kod010, ck018231, ck018238, ck038215, unk022
Front view: spxf003a01-02, apcbm06, asc000b, unk020
From the left side (toward College and Abbott Halls): spc0b269, apc458, apc459, apc685, spc0b643, spcb643, spcbr016, spcbr017, spc0b477, unk009, kod023, apckbm14, ck155436
Back Area: apckbm17

Lee Hall Porch and Circle Drive:
The biggest change to the porch is the color of the rocking chairs. The same columns greet visitors. The circle drive, once dirt and gravel, was paved a long time ago. The tree in the center of the circle drive was removed in the 1990s (this was not the Eureka Tree). The cars parked in the drive have definitely changed over the years.
Circle Drive, dirt (various cards): spc0b423, apc006-9273, apc684, spcbr018, apc253, apc685, hwpa35957, spc0b269, spc0b471, spc0b477, spcbr016, spcbr017
Circle Drive, dirt (various cards, photo): unk003, unk007, unk009
Circle Drive, paved (various cards): apcn451, spc0b643, apc253
Circle Drive, paved (various cards, photo): apckbm14, apckbm15, ck038215, ck018233, ck038216, ck150972, ck155436, kod010, kod012, kod023, apckbm04, apc691456
Circle Drive (various cards, aerial): apcbm19, apc657, apcbm07, hnm139, spcb020
Circle Drive (various cards, aerial, photo): ck023277, unk002
Porch / Circle Drive (photo): kod013
Porch (various cards): apcbm17, spc0b407, spc0b478, spc0b641, kod013, ck044824
Porch View, no tree (various cards, photo): unk005-k40675, unk010-k56724, unk011, unk022
Group on Steps: spc0b407

Mountain Views:
One of the most majestic things about Blue Ridge are the views.
Views from the front of Lee Hall (order by image name): apc000b, apc005-9271, apc457, apc684, apc691456, apckbm15, apcn451, ck018233, ck150972, hwp015, hwpr39260, kod012, spc0b472, spc0b625, spc0b641, spcbr018, spcxf001a01-02, unk005-k40675, unk007, unk010-k56724, unk011
Night Views from Lee Hall: apc006-9273, apc253
Facing Lee Hall: asc000b, spc0b474
Facing Old Dining Hall: unk006
From Dr. Weatherford’s House: unk014
From Lake Laurel: apckbm21-48681
From BRC: apckbm23, apc131544
Aerial Views: unk026, unk020, unk023

Lee Hall Lobby:
The lobby of Robert E Lee Hall has not changed much. The same style of chairs that are in very early post cards are still used today. One notable change is the “service desk” located in the corner of the lobby in early post cards. The “service desk” is no longer in the lobby and is now the “Conference Services” office down the hallway.
People in lobby (various cards): hwpr39261, spc0b369, spc0b406, spc0b480

Blue Ridge maintained a library for many years. The location of the library has changed based on the view and descriptions on post cards. Cards mentioning the word “library” are listed below.
Library Window from Lee Hall (overlooking steps and circle): spc0b423
View of Lee Hall from Library (from walkway leading to Lee Hall): spcxf003a01-02

College Hall (originally called the Auditorium, now Heaton Hall)
The Auditorium was one of the original three main buildings of Blue Ridge. The original Auditorium was one-story. Early postcards show only one row of windows. The second story was added in 1916 when it was named College Hall. College Hall (renamed Heaton Hall) has a 750 seat auditorium and classrooms upstairs. College Hall is in the background of many cards in the Lake/Pool and Lee Hall sections.
One story building: spc0b408
Two story building: spc0b274-r80532, spc0b601, apc657
Outside: apc781104, kod018
Group Walking from College to Lee: apckbm18
Other Views: spcbr016
Views of College and Abbott from Lee Hall: apc000b, apckbm04, apcn451, ck038216
Views of College and Abbott from BRC: apc131544, apckbm23

Area Between College and Lee Halls (left side of Lee Hall):
This area has been open, an outdoor meting space, had a covered walkway between Lee and College Halls, overgrown, and now has statue of Heaton and the Columbine.
Outdoor Theatre (circle of rocks): apcbm04
Open Space between buildings: spc0b477

Abbott Hall
Built in 1927 to house visiting conference guest speakers, it is now used for all guests.
Mountain View (piece of College Hall room and roof of building were Abbott is): hwp015
Group in front of Lee/College (shows small building where Abbott is): spc0b408
Outside: ck018236, kod019
Views of College and Abbott from Lee Hall: apc000b, apckbm04, apcn451, ck038216
Views of College and Abbott from BRC: apc131544, apckbm23

Blue Ridge Center:
Construction started in 1968 and finished in 1976. Located in BRC is the kitchen, dinning halls, meeting rooms, and guest rooms. Post cards show the evolution of Blue Ridge Center, from an area of just trees, to a sidewalk, to small building, to the modern Blue Ridge Center. The interior and exterior have been updated several times during the years.
View from Lee Hall, trees only (various cards): spc0b471, spc0b641, apc253, spc0b423
View from Lee Hall, sidewalk, trees only (various cards, photo): unk003, kod012, unk007
Sidewalk, but no view of building (various cards, aerial): apc657, apcbm07, hnm139, spcb020
Upper and lower parking lots, no view of building (photo): ck023277
Sidewalk, small building in very lower left corner (aerial, photo): unk002
Small building at the end of the sidewalk (aerial view): apcbm19
Small building at the end of the sidewalk (hard to see): apc684, spcbr018
View from Lee Hall with parking lots and small modern building (various cards, photo): apckbm15, ck018233
Blue Ridge Center (various cards, photo): apscp3351, ck150972, ck048361, apc691456
Blue Ridge Center (new Y logo, various cards, photo): unk018, unk027
Blue Ridge Center in aerial view (photo): ck150971, unk026
Blue Ridge Center lobby (photo): ck048359
View from Lee Hall through columns showing BRC (various cards, photo): unk010-k56724, unk011
View of Lee, College, and Abbott taken from BRC Service Drive (photo): apc131544, apckbm23

Weatherford Hall
Built in 1980, the summer female staff moved from Martha/George Washington Hall to Weatherford Hall. The building is used for conferences during other times of the year.
Outside: apc781103 

Athletic Areas / Fields:
Swimming: see Lake/Pool, Warner Pool, and Laurel Lake
Hiking: apcbm09
Baseball: spc0b177
Volleyball: spc0b276, spc0b178
Tennis: spc0b409-a48257, spc0b409-r80525
Alpine Tower: apscp3356

Laurel Lake (bottom of the mountain):
Boating: apc248
Swimming: ck018232
Lake and Mountains: apckbm21-48681

Old Dining Hall (behind Lee Hall):
Before Blue Ridge Center was built, meals were cooked and enjoyed in the dining hall directly behind Lee Hall. After BRC was built this building was used as a Craft and Child Care Center. The building was demolished in the 1980’s. The area is now a parking lot.
Dining Hall (various cards, photo): apc000a, unk006, ck018239
Dining Hall behind Lee Hall (various cards, aerial, photo): unk002, ck023277, ck150971
Dining Hall behind Lee Hall (various cards, aerial): apcbm19, apc657, apcbm07, apcbm19, hnm139, spcb020
Area behind Lee Hall, no Dining Hall (aerial, photo): unk026

Martha and George Washington Hall
Built between 1912-1914, this was the female staff dorm (males were at the bottom of the gym). When Weatherford Hall opened, the female staff used that building during the summer months and conference guests started using Washington Halls. The building was razed in 2005 and the Hibbard Family Lodge was built in that location.
Group on front steps: spc0b479
As seen from Lee Hall: spc0b477

Other Areas:
Streams (various cards): apc249, apcbm08, hwp012, hwpr30276, hwpr39264, spc0b236
Dr. Weatherford’s House (photo): unk014

History through Post Cards:

Entrance Gate to Grounds of Blue Ridge Association

Entrance Gate to Grounds of Blue Ridge Association

Picturesque Roadway, Blue Ridge Association

Picturesque Roadway, Blue Ridge Association

Scene on the Grounds of Blue Ridge Association

Scene on the Grounds of Blue Ridge Association

Robert E Lee Hall on the Blue Ridge Association Gounds

Robert E Lee Hall on the Blue Ridge Association Gounds

View of Black Mountain NC and the Craggy Mountains from Rovet E Lee Hall in the "Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina"

View of Black Mountain NC and the Craggy Mountains from Robert E Lee Hall in the "Heart of the Blue Ridge Moutains of North Carolina"

The Bathing Pool, Blue Ridge Association Grounds

The Bathing Pool, Blue Ridge Association Grounds

Swimming Pool and Tents, Blue Ridge Association Grounds

Swimming Pool and Tents, Blue Ridge Association Gounds

Aerial View, Blue Ridge Association Buildings and Grounds

Aerial View, Blue Ridge Association Buildings and Grounds

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